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MLB Futures

Posted on February 9th, 2010

Pitchers and catchers are upon us, folks, and it’s a bright new day for everyone who’s not a Cubs fan. And don’t look now, but my White Sox are just a 6:1 to win the American League Pennant and a 12:1 to regain that World Series Championship. What about your team?

We should start at the top, since the Yankees are going to be at the top again this year, too, if not among the top. The Yanks are a slim 2:1 to repeat in the AL and 3:1 to repeat as champions. And I can’t say I’d bet against them right now. What’s essentially the same team (minus Johnny Damon plus Curtis Granderson) is not just stock full of stars, but they have incredible depth, discipline and pitching to push right to the top from day 1. It’s another year to not be part of the AL East.

Last year’s surprise success and then major disappointment St. Louis Cardinals drop to a 15/4 favorite to win the NL, and an 8:1 favorite to win the title this year. And I think they’ll be back, those are both strong bets. I don’t know what happened to them in the playoffs, but they’ll be back. There’s too much talent to dismiss this team. Forget about McGwire and all his garbage, the team built around Pujols at the bat and a Wainright, Carpenter, Penny, Lohse rotation just needs to learn from their mistakes. Don’t you make a mistake and miss an opportunity to bet them while the odds will pay you nicely. I just have a feeling the money lines to start the season will be cautiously punishing to them, but you shouldn’t be swayed. Especially since they open against Cincinnati, Milwaukee and Houston.

And here’s a quick run through of the other top baseball teams and where they’re currently at in the futures. To win the title, Boston is a 13:2, Philly’s at 13:2, as well. Two teams who know what it takes to win but still seem to be missing that big piece or two. And the Angels, a team whose window seems to be closing quickly, is a little further away at 17:2. The Dodgers are 9:1 and Tampa Bay (fluke) is 11:1. Of that group, I could only see myself betting on Philly at the moment. But LA is a team that can run the table if they get hot at the right time, even steamroll through the Yankees.