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NBA: Green league

Posted on December 18th, 2009

Is anybody paying attention to the Celtics anymore? Or is it just the Kobe show these days? I’m honestly tired of hearing about the West. Yes, Kobe’s got a broken finger, and no, apparently you shouldn’t let it affect how you bet the Lakers. As we’ve seen, he’s just fine. (Quick side note, I heard a radio show host talk about LeBron and how there’s maybe only 2 other better players in the league right now, and I’m thinking…Kobe and???)

But in case you’ve missed the standings for the money lines once too often this month, the Celtics have the same incredible 20-4 record as the Lakers now. And I know people are dying to see James and Shaq take it to Kobe and Artest in the finals, but I really feel the 19-7 Cavs would get trounced. What I really want is a rematch of two years ago, when both teams were healthy and the Celtics prevailed.

And I still think Boston is the best team in the league. They have a better PG than LA, for one. And while I do believe Kobe is the best player in the game, and the best since Jordan, that trio of Allen/Pierce/Garnett cannot be rivaled when Allen is hitting. He produced more jaw drops out of me in the first round of the 2009 playoffs than any other player in any sport in recent memory.

Let’s jump ahead to Christmas day, when Boston visits Orlando. The Magic are right there again at 19-6, with a rejuvenated Vince Carter leading the team with almost 20 ppg. They also recently beat Boston in Boston, so you know they’re looking forward to this one at home. I’d say the line will be 4 in favor of Orlando.

In the last matchup, Carter lit it up with 26 points, and even with a healthy Garnett and new pickup Rasheed Wallace, Boston couldn’t keep up. But in this one I’m predicting an upset, and here’s why. Boston shot 35% from the field in that game, something uncommon for them, and something I don’t see happening again. That game was close even with the Celtics’ poor shooting.

So I’ll take Boston in an upset next time I visit sportsbook com. And I’ll also take the over, as I have a feeling the nationally televised game will be more of an offensive show than a defensive struggle.