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NBA: What are ya, McFly? Yellow?

Posted on December 25th, 2009

I suppose it’s going to be fashionable to jump on the Lakers’ yellow-hatin’ bandwagon now that they got embarrassed by the Cavs on national television, but I’m going to do it with good reason. To help you all avoid relying too heavily on a team with a weakness that’s just staring us all dead in the face.

In fact, the Cavs and Lakers both share a similar cryptonite – their lack of depth. That’s right, the Lakers are a starting lineup team and that’s it. I see Lamar Odom on the bench, and then a bunch of players who probably shouldn’t be in the league. Hey, remember when Adam Morrison was a name? Yeah, he averages 2 points a game. That mustache is kinda annoying when the guy sucks, huh Lakers fans?

The Cavs have suffered from this for years, but it spread to the starting lineup, as well. LeBron, Williams, maybe Shaq still…and then supporters. But not old school role players, just second-tier players who flare up for a double-double once in a blue moon. A dime a dozen in the NBA.

So these two NBA betting titans meet on Christmas Day and everyone stops and gawks, but what they should’ve been doing was taking note of how a Celtics team without Paul Pierce still managed to down an much-improved Magic team. That’s depth, that’s experience.

The Cavs play at home against Houston on Sunday, and should be an 8 or 9-point favorite. They’re brimming with confidence now, and have won 7 of 8. I can’t see the Rockets posing much of a threat on the road. Houston has lost three of it’s last four road games. Bet the Cavs to win and cover.

The Lakers lick their wounds like a good predator and take their 23-5 record to Sacramento on Saturday and Phoenix on Monday. Let’s preview the Phoenix game. They’re .500 in their last six, creaming the Clips on X-Mas themselves. That puts them at a respectable 19-11. Lakers will be favored by a half-dozen, but they should cruise passed that on emotion and revenge in their eyes. The Suns will be the sacrificial lamb and go down, probably swinging but to no avail. Bet Kobe and company to cover easily.