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Who is Dallas Braden? Now we know!

Posted on May 11th, 2010

A couple weeks ago, people all over the world, except for in a small segment on Northern California were asking “Who is Dallas Braden?” When Alex Rodriguez came running across the mound a couple weeks ago in Oakland, Braden screamed at him, which ended to a war of words not only on the mound, but in the media. Now on Sunday, Braden did something that had only been done 18 times in Major League Baseball history.

Braden threw a perfect game in front of the home crowd, and his grandmother, who raised him when his mother passed away. Braden did the feat against the team with the best record in Baseball, and an offensive power – the Tampa Bay Rays. The win for Oakland also notched their second, which won the series. Oakland is just one game behind the Texas Rangers for the top spot in the AL West.

The feat also came on Mothers Day, something that was extra special for Braden. With his grandmother in the crowd, both Braden and his grandmother were very emotional over the event. The grandmother had a statement for ARod after the perfect game: “Stick It!”.

If we didn’t know who Braden was before now we do. Braden is a left-handed starting pitcher for Oakland that was drafted in 2004 by the Athletics. Braden attended Texas Tech University, after playing Little League in Stockton, California. Coming into Sunday’s game, Braden had a career record of 18-23, with a 4.50 earned run average. So far in 2010, Braden has made plenty of news, including the ten strikeout debut.

Braden spent 2005 in Stockton and Midland, and 2006 in the Arizona League. In 2007, he was back in Midland, and then called up to AAA Sacramento. Braden made his first major league start in 2007, where he beat the Baltimore Orioles.

The youngster certainly has had a rocky start to the 2010 season. When the altercation with Alex Rodriguez came up, the country did not know Dallas Braden. Now with all the publicity, the heat is on Braden to continue his pitching career, in a positive fashion, because despite the perfect game, there are still many Braden doubters. One way for the youngster to quiet the doubters up would be continue a solid 2010 season.