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Baseball Betting

Baseball BettingBetting on baseball games is available with a click of the mouse, thanks to online sports betting providers. Baseball fans can bet on the outcome of Major League Baseball games from their computer. When betting MLB games online, baseball bettors can make baseball bets by using the money line, as well as using the point spread method of betting.

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When betting baseball games, a gambler can wager on the game using the money line to place his wager. When betting with the money line, a bettor can bet the game straight up while getting an expected return on their money.

The following is a sample money line, as well as details on how to interpret it:

    Red Sox -130
    White Sox +120

In this sample line, the Red Sox are the favored team. The negative number (-130) tells potential bettors that they must wager $130 to win $100 on this game if they take the Red Sox to win. If the bettor wishes to bet the White Sox, they would win $120 for every $100 they bet, as the White Sox are the underdog in this line. In money line betting, no points are spotted, as the results are straight up.

In point spread betting, however, the favorite team typically spots the underdog a given number of runs. This gives the underdog a head start in terms of betting. A betting line using a point spread would appear as follows:

    Garza +1.5 (-115)
    Yankees – 1.5 (-105)

In the sample line, the Yankees are giving the Rays a 1.5 run head start. Thus, if the Yankees do not win by more than 1.5 runs, they fail to cover and the Rays would pay as the winning bet. If the Yankees defeat the Rays by a margin larger than 1.5 runs, however, then the Yankees cover the spread and pay out as the winners.

You will additionally notice names below each team in baseball lines. This reflects the starting pitcher who is scheduled for each team. Therefore, in the Red Sox – White Sox sample line; the Red Sox are sending Josh Beckett to the mound, while the White Sox are giving Mark Buehrle the nod. This is important information to know, as some teams perform far better with or against certain pitchers than they do with others.

In addition to betting the outcome of a baseball game, a baseball bettor can wager on the total number of runs both teams will score. If you think the game will be high