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Baseball Odds

Unlike many sports, baseball betting consists mainly of betting by way of the money line. This means that teams do not spot one another points, but instead the payout is greater for the underdog team than it is for the team expected to win. For betting on a favorite in a baseball game, the odds are with this team winning. As a result, the payout is less favorable. For every $100 wagered, you can expect to earn less than $100 in return. By comparison, a team listed as an underdog will return odds greater than $100 for winning in a typical baseball game.

The typical baseball line appears as follows:

    Washington Nationals (r) Mock, 8.0(-105) (+125)
    St Louis Cardinals (r) Wainwright a 8.0(-115) (-145)

Firstly, the easy portion of the odds line is that the Cardinals are favored over the Nationals. Additionally, one can see that Adam Wainwright is the right-handed pitcher expected to start for the Cards, while the Nationals expect to send righty Garrett Mock to the mound. If the pitcher were a lefty, an L would take the place of the R.

Money placed on the Nationals will return at a rate of $125 per $100 bet, while it takes a $145 bet to win $100 if betting on the Cardinals. The money line numbers are located on the far right hand side of the sample listing.

In addition to betting on the outcome of the baseball game, a bettor may also bet on the over/under totals of the game. The over/under total for this sample baseball game is eight runs. If we believe the teams will score a combined total of less than eight runs, we bet the under. If we think they will score more than eight runs combined, we bet the over.

The over/under total for this example baseball game is eight runs. If we choose under eight runs, we will win $100 for every $115 we bet. Should we choose more than eight runs, we will win $100 for every $105 we wager on the over/under line. When two quality pitchers are dueling, it is often wise to select the under line for total runs scored. In fact, pitching match ups are one of the best indicators of whether the game is set to produce many or few runs.

Reading the line in baseball is easy, as each figure explains how much money can be won with each bet.