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Basketball Betting

Basketball BettingSports bettors have the ability to bet on basketball games from the NBA, as well as the NCAA on their computer through online sports books. When betting on basketball a basketball bettor can bet NBA and NCAA College Hoops by way of point spreads or money line betting.

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When betting basketball games, a bettor can place bets using the point spread method of betting. When betting with point spread style wagering, one team is spotting or giving the other basketball team points, while the other team is receiving points. The basketball team spotting points is referred to as the favorite, while the team getting points is known as the dog or underdog. A sample line using the point spread for a basketball game would look like the following:

    LA Lakers -8
    Chicago Bulls +8

This line suggests the Lakers are spotting the Bulls eight points. Should a bettor believe the Lakers would win by greater than eight points, they should select the Lakers. However, in the event it is believed the Bulls either will lose by fewer than eight points or will win the basketball game, then a bettor will want to take the Bulls with points. Point spread betting creates the possibility that a team can lose the actual game, but still come out as the winning bet. It is because the favored basketball team is spotting the underdog basketball team points.

Another method of betting basketball is by way of the money line. With the money line method of basketball betting, teams are assessed odds. These odds reflect the payout for a winning bet. So, heavily favored teams pay out less than that of an underdog team in money line basketball betting. A basketball money line would look similar to the following sample basketball money line:

    North Carolina -130
    Duke +120

In this basketball money line, North Carolina is the favorite to win the basketball game. Duke sits in the roll of the underdog. When betting this basketball game by way of the money line, a player who wagers $100 on Duke to win will receive $120 in the event Duke emerges victorious in this heated rivalry. If, on the other hand, a bettor believes the Tar Heels of North Carolina will defeat the Blue Devils of Duke, they will need to wager $130 to win $100 on this college basketball match up. In basketball money line betting, negative numbers reflect the amount one must bet to win $100, while the positive numbers tell basketball bettors how much they will win for every $100 they bet in basketball betting via the money line.