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Boxing Betting

Boxing BettingBoxing is one of the oldest sports in history and before it was a sport there is a lot of evidence of other ancient societies taking part in events like boxing just without the equipment. Boxing is a popular sport around the world and with boxers coming from many parts of the world it has helped give boxing a better global presence. You can wager on a lot of boxing event ranging from amateur boxing events to Olympic boxing bouts.

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When you initially start out betting on boxing, you should focus on the professional leagues with the well-known boxers. It is even smart to focus on one weight class at a time while you learn the ropes of the sport. Boxing can be a very difficult sport to bet on because the competition is close at all levels. There will always be a handful of boxing bouts every year that are easy money, but for the most part many bouts are evenly matched without much of an edge going in any direction.

There are a few different ways that you can make money on a boxing match and you should always try to diversify your wagers on every match. Do not place all of your money on a single wager, you want to try to space it out over 2-3 different bets on the bout that you feel confident about. You can bet on what boxer you think will win the bout as well as what boxer you think is going to win every round. If you bet on a round that is not fought then you will be refunded your wager.

One of the more popular bets in boxing is betting on how the fight is going to end. You not only need to pick the winning boxer, but you also need to pick how the boxer will win the bout. Your options are obviously picking between knockout or points decision. This type of bet offers better odds then just picking the winner and is definitely a good way to get some value on your dollar when betting on boxing. You can bet on several prop bets in boxing as well such as what boxer will throw the most punches, will the bout make it a certain amount of rounds as well as a few other types of bets depending on the sports book you are betting with.

You are going to want and try to focus most of your time on the match-up reports and not the posted odds. Do not read too much into the odds because that is what the sports book wants you to do. Of course, if there is massive line movement then you need to be weary of this, but when a boxer is given a small edge, you cannot assume they will win. The public often jumps on the favorite and you do not generally want to be betting with the public. The exception to not wanting to be with the public is when a heavy favorite happens to be fighting a boxer without much of a chance of winning.