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Boxing Odds

Most sportsbooks will post boxing odds in one format which is the moneyline odds format. It’s really simple to understand and the same as other sports so if you’ve bet on other sports before then you’ll be able to bet on boxing without any problems. The sport of boxing has grown and there are now millions of fans around the world. Betting on the major boxing fights and title fights can be a lot more fun then just watching the bouts. If you’ve been known to predict fights as you watch them then you might want to try your luck and place some real wagers on the next bout you watch. If you’ve never placed a wager before, then check out the example below so you can see how the odds will be posted.

    Floyd Mayweather -140 vs. Ricky Hatton +150

With moneyline odds the most important part of the odds you need to look at is the (-) or (+) sign. The (-) sign means that you’ll need to pay the juice, so in the example above if you picked Mayweather to win the bout you’d need to wager $140 to win $100. If the odds have a (+) sign then it’s like the house pays the juice because they consider that outcome to be the less likely to happen or underdog. In the example above Hatton is considered to be an underdog in the bout and you’d win $150 on a $100 bet if you picked him too win.

Types of Boxing Bets

There really aren’t that many boxing bets you can wager on for each bout. This is a good thing though, because it allows you to focus on the bets that you can make. In some sports I find there are too many betting options and the novice capper often spends too much time analyzing the bets, rather then the information they need to analyze to determine the winner. In boxing you should find it fairly easy to choose winners if you spend some time before each bout finding out about both the fighters.

The two types of bets that you can make on a boxing bout include picking the winner of the bout and picking over/under on the posted amount of rounds the fight will go. For the over/under bet the online sportsbook that you use will post a number of rounds they think the fight will go and you need to determine whether it will go over or under. If the posted total is 8.5 then the bout would need to go 9 rounds for over to win and 8 or less rounds for the under too win.

If you’re going to bet on boxing make sure you stick to the fights where you know both the fighters. It can be difficult capping a bout when you don’t know both of the fighters and it’s something that isn’t often profitable. Betting on boxing will make you money if you bet carefully, but those that chase the action will often run into bankroll problems sooner or later.