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College Football Odds

Whether you’re going to bet on the NFL, College Football or any other football league the odds will be displayed the exact same way. You’ll also be able to make the same type of wagers with all of the football leagues so once you learn how to understand football odds you won’t need to do it again. The first thing that we’re going to look at is how the odds will be displayed and how you should interpret them.

The odds in football will be displayed two different ways depending on the type of wager that you’re making. We’re going to look at both types of odds because often you’ll need to know how to read both types of odds when betting on football.

The main type of odds that you’re going to see will be for all straight wagers that you bet on as well as any over/under wagers. Prop bets and future bets will also be displayed using these types of odds.

    • Michigan +220 vs. Ohio State -175

When you look at the above example you can see that the Raiders are the underdog in the game and that the Ohio State are the favorite in the game. The way you can determine this is by the sign in front of the odds. When the odds have a (+) in front of them that mean the team is the underdog. If both teams have a (-) in front of the odds then the team with the bigger number is the favorite. In the above example Michigan would payout $220 on a $100 wager and Ohio State would payout $100 on a $175 wager.

The other type of football odds you need to become familiar with will be the point spread odds. Most people wager on the point spreads in football because often the moneyline requires paying too much juice.

    • Michigan +6.5 vs. Ohio State -6.5

In the above example the Michigan can lose by 6 points and you would still win with them whereas if you picked the Ohio State Buckeyes they would need to win the game by 7 for you too win. Betting on the point spread requires a team to win by a certain amount of points and in return the juice for both teams is -110.

Types of Football Bets

    • Straight Wagers – In football straight wagers are popular, but they aren’t the most popular type of bet. Straight wagers in football include picking a team to win the game and picking whether or not a game will go over or under the posted total. You can also wager on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter of each game instead of wagering on the entire game as well as the 1st and 2nd half.
    • Point Spread – Point spread wagers are the most popular bet in football. You simply need to determine whether or not a team will win by a predetermined amount of points. You can bet the point spread on the entire game, half the game or a quarter of the game.
    • Parlays – A parlay is where the player picks 2+ games on the same ticket. In order to win every game on the ticket needs to win and the payout odds go up with the more games you add on the ticket.
    • Prop & Future Bets – Prop and future bets are really popular in football. You can wager on lots of different prop bets in a football game including player vs. player match-ups and a lot more. Future bets include bets such as what team will win each division, which team will win the superbowl, which team will win the bowl games and much more. Future bets often have great payouts because you need to bet on them at the start of the season. Picking the superbowl champion at the start of an NFL season isn’t easy and that’s why the payouts reflect this.