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Football Betting

Football BettingFootball betting has become a very popular past time. The emergence of many online sports books has made betting the National Football League (NFL) games, as well as college football (NCAA) all the easier. By using sports books that are located online, a handicapper and football bettor will have access to a complete listing of NFL and NCAA football games each week. Additionally, it is possible and easier for bettors to place wagers on different propositions for specific football games.

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When betting on football, bettors can use either the point spread method of football betting, or they may bet using the money line. When betting via the point spread, a bettor either takes or spots a team points based on the betting line.

For example, supposing a bettor wishes to bet on the following game:

    Pittsburgh Steelers -3.5
    New York Giants +3.5

In this sample football line, the Steelers are favored by 3.5 points. This means, bettors taking the Steelers to win believe they will defeat the Giants by greater than a 3.5 point margin. If a bettor goes with the Giants, they believe the Giants either shall win outright or will lose by less than three points.
Another way to bet on football online is to bet via the money line of the football game. The money line tells bettors how much money a bettor stands to win per $100 wagered (if the number is positive), or how much money a bettor needs to wager to earn $100 (if the line is negative).

The following is an example of the money line listing for a college football game:

    Miami Fla +210
    Florida St -250

In this money line listing, a bettor will win $210 for every $100 wagered on Miami Fla if they win outright. If Florida St wins the game outright, bettors will earn a return of $100 per $250 they bet. In money line betting, the winner of the game wins the bet, as there is no giving or receiving points in money line betting.

Still another method to bet football games is by betting the over – under proposition wagers. When betting the over-under, a bettor is speculating on the combined total points both teams put up. If one believes the point total will be over the stated amount, the over bet is the right wager to make, while those believing a low scoring game shall be played, the under is typically the correct bet to make.