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Golf Betting

Golf BettingGolf is popular all around the world and there are millions of people that play the sport as a hobby. There are also millions of people around the world that watch professional golf every year. The two most popular golf leagues include the PGA Tour and the LPGA Tour. There are about 50 tournaments played every golf season on each of the two tours although there are only a few major events every season.

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Generally, if you have never followed golf or bet on golf in the past then you will want to focus most of your time on the major golf tournaments. Some of the tournaments on the tour will not bring in the best golfers and they can be more difficult to cap since many of the golfers are unknown. If you stick with the major events where the best golfers are competing you will often fare better. You will still need to make sure that you do some research on every event before wagering though. Typically you should find out what golfers have been performing well over the past couple weeks. You should also consider how the golfers finished the tournament last year since some golfers will do well on a given course all the time.

There are four major golf tournaments on the PGA Tour every year that you will want to make sure you bet on. These tournaments are the most popular events of the year and the best golfers always bring out their A game. The four major events on the PGA Tour include the Masters Tournament, U.S. Open Championship, British Open and the PGA Championship. There are also four major events on the LPGA Tour, which you should try to focus on as well.

One of the most common bets people make on golf events is the straight wager, which is where they need to pick the winner of the event. This is the most difficult bet to win and you should try to focus on betting some of the other types of wagers. You can bet on single rounds of golfing events, which is a great way to win some money. You can watch the first three rounds and then bet on the fourth round once you have an idea of what golfers are playing well. You can also find some sports books that will allow you to bet on who you think will win out of a small group of golfers. Obviously since you only need to choose a winner out of 3-5 golfers, it is a simpler bet then picking a winner out of the entire playing field.