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Golf Odds

When betting on golf, there are two primary ways one can bet on golf. Firstly, a golf bettor may bet on a golfer to win a specific event or events by way of the futures market. There are some additional bets that can be made by betting golf futures as well, such as speculating how many major titles Tiger Woods will win in the 2010 PGA Tour. Additionally, one may bet on specific match ups that are set up by the bookmakers.

Wagering on a Golfer to Win

As with any sporting event, there must be a winner. Golf is no different. The futures market in golf wagering allows bettors to wager on which golfer they think will win a specific event. The bookmakers assign odds to each golfer competing in the event. The upcoming Deutsche Bank Championship features the top 100 golfers on the FedEx Cup Leaderboard. Shortly, each golfer in the top 100 will be assigned odds by the bookmakers. If we think Tiger Woods will win and he gets 2 to 1 odds, which means we double our money if we are correct. Additionally, if we find a long shot that gets better odds, it might make sense to speculate on him. Heath Slocum was the latest to take down a golf title as a long shot. In fact, Slocum paid 25 to 1 to win The Barclays; so long odds come in from time to time in golf. By comparison, Tiger Woods had odds of 9 to 2.

Wagers on Match ups in Golf

Another popular method of betting on golf is by way of artificial match ups. Bookmakers place golfers head to head in competition and we bet on the outcome. For example, Tiger Woods may match up against Ernie Els in the upcoming Deutsche Bank Championship. The golf odds for each match up will tell us how much the correct results will pay out. These match ups are expressed by way of the money line. The money line tells us how much we will earn per $100 bet if the number is positive. In the event the money line is negative, it tells us how much we must bet to earn a $100 return.

The match up betting and futures betting are the two most common ways to bet on golf. The futures market provides golf odds for a specific golfer to win an event, while the match up method of betting lists golfers head to head in a fictitious match up which pays by way of the money line.