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Hockey Betting

Hockey Betting
The most popular hockey league in the world is the National Hockey League or NHL, which operates out of the United States and Canada. The sport is most famously known as being a Canadian sport, but the sport is played in tons of countries around the world now. One of the biggest reasons why hockey has become so popular is because of all the players that have been drafted into the league from other countries.

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When there were only the original six NHL teams, there were hardly an international hockey players. Nowadays half the league is international and many of the best players in the game are not from North America. One of the biggest hockey countries outside of North America is Russia and there are quite a few players in the NHL from Russia. With the sport having a global presence there are many people that follow the sport.

If you are someone that follows the NHL then you could start making some money by betting on the games. Most online sports books will allow you to wager on NHL hockey games. Some sports books will even allow you to wager on other international hockey leagues such as some of the pro leagues in Russia, Sweden, Finland and other hockey countries. If you do not know much about hockey then you should definitely focus solely on the NHL.

The NHL is a very competitive league and there definitely is not going to be any easy money won. The worst team in the NHL can beat the best team in the NHL on any given night. You need to make sure you analyze match-up reports before you consider wagering on any games. If you do not do your research in the NHL then you will often end up on the short end of the stick. It is not enough to just wager on the best teams either because if you look at previous NHL seasons there are not really any teams that completely dominate the league.

The NHL hockey season runs for most of the year with each team playing 82 regular season games. 8 teams from each conference move onto the playoffs where teams compete in best of 7 series. There are several playoff rounds and it ends with the Stanley Cup Series where the winning team is rewarded with the Stanley Cup and bragging rights for the golfing season. If you enjoy watching hockey then there is no doubt that you will love betting on the sport.

You can bet on straight wagers such as what team you think will win the game as well as betting on the over/under of the games. You can also wager on parlays, which is where you need to pick multiple teams on the same ticket. There are still other types of bets you can make including futures bets and prop bets.