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MMA Odds

Mixed Martial Arts is a popular sport to watch and is quite a popular sport to bet on. This is quite understandable considering MMA is by far the fastest growing spectator sport in the world. When betting on these matches, a bettor must first understand how to read the odds for an UFC line.

Generally, UFC matches are bet using the money line method of betting. When betting on UFC matches, the two combatants are listed. Next to their respective names, a positive or negative number is listed similar to that which is shown in the following sample MMA odds line:

    Brock Lesnar -300
    Shane Carwin +220

In the sample line, Brock Lesnar is considered the favorite in this match. Hence, Shane Carwin would be the underdog. The numbers in the MMA matches' money line represent the return for winning bets. A negative number tells an MMA bettor how much he needs to wager to win $100. A positive number on the money line of a fighter tells the bettor how much money he stands to win per $100 wagered. Thus, MMA bettors selecting Lesnar would need to wager $300 to win $100, while a $100 wager on Carwin would return $220.

In addition to betting individual matches, UFC bettors may parlay their bets amongst multiple fights. The parlay compounds the return of winning bets, as it requires every match to return a winner in order to pay out. For example, supposing a bettor has reviewed an upcoming UFC fight card and identified three fights he wishes to wager upon. The bettor can bet them individually, or he may choose to parlay them. The bettor considers his options and chooses to parlay the three UFC matches on the card. The bettor believes the winning fighters from the UFC card for the parlay will be as follows:

    Joe Stevenson -220
    Pat Barry -105
    Eric Shafer +350

We know from learning how to read the money line in MMA matches that Stevenson requires $220 to win $100 and likewise Barry returns $100 for every $105 bet. Additionally, Shafer would return $350 on a $100 bet. A player wagering the above would bet $425 and win $550 if each individual bet was successful. If the bettor parlays the bet and all three fighters win, the UFC bettor would win over $1100 on a single $100 bet because the returns are compounded in parlay bets.