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Nascar Betting

Nascar BettingNASCAR is one of the biggest sports in the United States and over the past few years, the popularity of the sport has grown in other countries as well. The sport has evolved over the years and now it is easily one of the best racing leagues in the world along with Formula 1 racing. With the popularity of the sport growing, the opportunities to wager on the sport have also grown and there are now many sports books that allow you to wager on NASCAR.

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When you bet on a NASCAR race, you will have several different betting options to choose from. The most popular NASCAR wager is picking what driver you think will win the race. With the amount of drivers in every race, this can be a difficult task for anyone. If you are going to wager on NASCAR races then you are going to need to analyze several different stats. You need to find out what drivers have been racing well over the past couple races. You also need to look at how the drivers did during the qualifying sessions, as this will give you an idea of what to expect come race day. Another stat that is important to look at is how the drivers did the previous year on the racetrack.

There are several other betting options you can choose from for each NASCAR race apart from the winner of the race. Some of the other bets are actually easier to win so you want to make sure you check out all of your options. One of the other types of bets you can make on a NASCAR race is picking a winner between a group of racers. Since the odds of winning are better on this the bet the payouts will be worse as well.

Many people wager on prop bets in NASCAR as well and if you do not know what type of props bet you could make then you should check them out on the sports book you use. Some of the prop bets that are really popular include picking the driver who ends up with the fastest lap, betting on what driver will win pole position and picking the amount of drivers to finish the race. Prop bets are very exciting and they rely more on luck then skill. Keep prop bets small so that whether you win or lose you will have fun watching the race and cheering on your bets.

Most NASCAR odds will always be posted in the North American format. If you have never seen NASCAR odds posted in the past then check out the example below.

    Tony Stewart -200
    Jeff Gordon -125
    Mark Martin +150

In the example above, Tony Stewart is the favorite in the group of racers and Mark Martin is the underdog. If you bet on Tony Stewart, you would need to wager $200 to win $100. If you bet on Mark Martin then you would only need to bet $100 to win $150.