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Nascar Odds

When betting on motor sports, such as specific NASCAR races, you can even bet on things such as the qualifying match ups for specific races, as well as the winner or top three finishers of a given NASCAR Race, or even on who will win the Chase for the Sprint Cup.
Let’s take the Pep Boys 500 as an example. When you bet on a qualifying match, each of the racers receive odds against one another. The favored racer typically pays less than the underdog on a bet, which is similar in nature to how any bet placed money line style pays.

For the Pep Boys 500 qualifier match ups, the betting ticket will look as follows:

    Mark Martin -140
    Jimmie Johnson +110

This means Mark Martin is favored to win this match up in the qualifier for the Pep Boys 500. To figure this out, you will notice Mark Martin has -140 after his name. This means that for every $140 you wager, you can win $100 if Mark Martin’s time is better than that of Jimmy Johnson’s qualifying time.

On the opposite side of this bet, should you wager $100 on Jimmy Johnson to win, you will receive payout of $110, as Jimmy Johnson is the underdog in this motor sports match up. If these odds were stated fractionally, Mark Martin would be listed at 5 to 7 odds, while Jimmy Johnson would be listed at 11 to 10 odds.

There are some instances where the match up is so close that bets payout less than even money for both racers. This is the case with Ryan Newman and Kasey Kahne. Ryan Newman is listed at odds of -120, while Kahne is listed at odds of -110. This means that those playing the odds on this match up would need to wager $120 or $110 respectively to earn a return of $100 on their racer of choice.

Some motor sports odds are not so evenly matched, however. The Brian Vickers – Jeff Gordon match up is lopsided, relatively speaking. Vickers is at -160, while Gordon sits at +130. If these motor sports odds were stated fractionally, we would see Vickers at five to eight odds, while Gordon would sit at 13 to 10 odds.

As for the winner of the race, the odds on favorite is Jimmy Johnson, who pays $500 on every $100 wagered should he finish the Pep Boys 500 in first place. Stated another way, Johnson is the 5 to 1 chalk.