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NFL Odds

There's nothing better then watching football on Sunday and placing a couple of bets on your favorite NFL teams. Listed below are the latest NFL Odds from Bodog. Bodog is currently offering an unlimited 10% deposit bonus. Sign up today and start winning some serious money.

When betting on football, information is power. Odds makers put out the line in a football game, which tell the betting public things such as who is favored, by how many points, as well as how much money one can win by taking the underdog via the money line, and even how many points the teams are expected to score. While the NFL lines can provide a wealth of information, it is important to understand what it is you are reading when glancing through the football odds line.

The most basic read on football odds is the favorite and underdog. The team listed as the favorite is expected to win, while the dog is expected to lose. Odds makers factor team strength, past performances, as well as home field advantage when determining who the favored team is. If reading the spread on a football match up, the underdog typically receives points from the favored team. In the instance of the upcoming Penn St - Akron match up, Penn State spots Akron 27 points. The line reads as follows:

    Penn St -27 Akron

This means PSU must defeat Akron by more than 27 points to "cover." Said another way, Akron gets a 27 point head start when betting this game via the spread.

When looking at the money line of a football match up, teams do not receive a head start in terms of points. However, the underdog team typically pays a premium if they win straight up, meaning an actual score line results in the underdog winning. In a football match up such as the Notre Dame - Nevada game, the money line reads as follows:

    -529 Notre Dame - Nevada +445

This means that if Nevada wins, the bettors who took Nevada win $445 for every $100 they bet. By comparison, bettors interested in taking Notre Dame will win $100 for every $529 they wager on the game.

Another common statistic when reading NFL Odds of a match up is the over/under. The over/under is a proposition bet, where you are betting on how many total points will be scored in a game. In the case of the Georgia - Oklahoma St game, the over/under is set at 62. Should you think the total score would be something like 51-17, the total score is more than 62, thus the over bet would win. Should you think the final score is going to be closer to 10-0, the under is the bet of choice.

While there are many other statistics when reading NFL lines, the spread, money line and over/under are the most common statistic odds makers provide in their football odds lines. Understanding what these numbers mean is the first step to assessing the odds in football betting.