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Olympic Betting

The Winter Olympics brings the best athletes in the world together to compete for gold medals while representing their nations. Fans of the Olympic Games can place bets on the Olympics in many ways through online sports books. Before placing a wager on the Olympic Games, however, one must establish an online betting account with a reputable sports betting site. We have reviewed hundreds of online sportsbooks, and are featuring only the Very Best on this site. You can feel confident betting on the Olympics at any of our featured sportsbooks.

Listed below are the most up-to-date lines for 2010 Olympic Games.

When betting on the Olympics, a bettor has a number of options. For example, an Olympic bettor can place a wager on which country will accumulate the most medals. When placing a wager on which country will accumulate the highest medal count, the betting line may look similar to the following partial listing:

USA 7/2
Canada 5/2
Russia 12/1
China 35/1

The numbers after each country reflect the odds and payout associated with each country in the Olympic games. To determine how much a bet pays out you can do simple math. For example, if you were to select the USA as the country you believe will win the most medals in the Olympic Games, you would note that their odds are 7/2. To determine how much money you will win if the US tops the medals list, divide two into seven and then add 1, as the calculation is based on a $1 wager. Thus, you would find that you will receive $4.50 for every $1 wagered if the USA collects the most gold medals in the Olympic Games. In addition to betting on medal count, an Olympics bettor can wager on which countries will amass the most gold medals throughout the games. You can even bet on specific Olympic events.

Whether wanting to wager on who brings home the gold in Ice Hockey, Downhill Skiing, Alpine Skiing, or even Speed Skating – wagers can be placed on the Winter Olympic games through online sports betting sites. Betting on the Olympics is a great way to add excitement and thrill to watching the Olympic Games from home. When betting on the Olympics, be sure to use a reputable and well-established online sports betting website from which to wager through.