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Players Only Sportsbook

Players Only Sportsbook allows for online sports betting and provides a vast amount of tools bettors can utilize in handicapping sporting events. Whether online bettors are looking to bet football, baseball, hockey, auto racing, basketball, golf, tennis, soccer, or even mixed martial arts and boxing, PlayersOnly Sportsbook will take your bets. Players Only Sportsbook provides new sports betting customers with a nice sign-up bonus that provides 10% cash instantly.

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Players Only Sportsbook Review

To begin placing bets at Players Only Sportsbook, an online bettor need only open up a sports betting account at Sportsbook. Opening a betting account is simple, as the bettor must provide a user name, password, personal information, and an email address. Upon successfully opening the betting account with PlayersOnly Sportsbook, the sports betting account may be funded by credit cards such as MasterCard or Visa, as well as via cash transfer or an e-wallet such as Use My Wallet, NETeller, or MoneyBookers. When funding the sportsbook account for the first time, bettors will receive an instant 10% cash bonus on their deposit.

Once the betting account is created and funded, bettors will truly appreciate the vast amount of tools available to assist betting customers in properly handicapping sporting events. PlayersOnly Sportsbook provides an informative football tip sheet, which shows movement of NFL and NCAA football lines, as well as assists bettors in identifying profitable and exploitable trends. Bettors will truly appreciate the way the football tip sheet at Players Only Sportsbook analyzes and breaks down each match up.

In addition to the football tip sheet, provides reports and information on all upcoming games in their team statistics section. Here, individual match ups and historical information is provided in great detail. A bettor can find tons of useful data relevant to the match up, including information on how the betting public has fared when moving the money line throughout history. additionally provides profitable angles. These angles are designed to make bettors money immediately. The five star rankings with each angle serves as an indicator of confidence in the recommendations. The profitable angles are explained fully and have historical data associated to them, which helps bettors find trends that have paid out well throughout history. Naturally, bettors will have access to live odds for their favorite sporting events in addition to the useful data and statistics mentioned above through PlayersOnly Sportsbook.

Cashing out Winnings at PlayersOnly Sportsbook

When it comes time to cash out winnings from sports betting, PlayersOnly Sportsbook provides several convenient ways to get your winnings. Bettors can get their winnings by cashier’s check or gift card, as well as through a wire transfer, or by utilizing an approved e-wallet.