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Soccer Odds

When you want to bet on soccer you need to make sure that you learn how to read the odds first. Soccer is one of the few sports where the odds are displayed differently then sports such as hockey, basketball, football and baseball. Most bookies that post soccer odds will post them using a fraction. It’s really easy to understand once you take a look at the example below so make sure you read through the example. Most sportsbooks will use the fraction method for showing you the odds in soccer although North American books might use moneyline odds.

Soccer matches and other soccer wagers will often be posted in a fraction format and it’s important you understand what each side of the fraction means.

• Manchester United 1/3 vs. Chelsea 3/2

Let’s take a look at the example above and see what the odds are telling you. If you bet on Manchester United with the odds of 1/3 it simply means that you need to bet $3 for every $1 profit. So if you bet $300 on Manchester United to win and they end up winning the match then you’d be paid $400 which equates to receiving your $300 bet back plus your $100 profit. If you bet on Chelsea to win the game at 3/2 odds then it means that you’d receive $3 profit for every $2 that you wager. If you were to bet $200 on Chelsea and they won the match you’d receive $500 which is your $200 bet plus $300 profit.

Note – If you’re using a US sportsbook the odds for soccer may be posted using moneyline odds. Refer to our article on how to read football odds to learn how to read moneyline odds.

Types of Soccer Bets

    • Match Odds – A match odds bet is where you pick what team you think will win the game. You can also select a draw if you think the two teams are going to finish the game in a tie.
    • Double/Treble/Accumulator – A double wager is where you need to pick two different outcomes on the same ticket. A treble is where you need to pick three outcomes on one ticket and an accumulator is a ticket with 4+ outcomes. In order to win any of these types of bets all of the outcomes you selected need to be correct.
    • Over/Under – You can wager on the over/under of each game based on the posted goal total by your sportsbook.
    • Prop Bets – In soccer you can make lots of different prop bets including picking the exact score of the game, picking the player to score the first goal or last goal, picking a player to score during the course of a game and much more.
    • Future Bets – You can wager on lots of future bets in soccer and that is largely in part to the fact there are so many leagues running. Future bets including selecting league winners, tournament winners, championship winners and several other types of bets depending on the sportsbook you use.