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Tennis Betting

Tennis BettingThose of us who passionately follow professional tennis will certainly enjoy the many options one has when engaging in tennis betting on the web. Those who would consider betting on the sport of tennis have many different ways to approach internet tennis betting. We have the ability to bet on actual tennis matches, as well as the option of betting on who will win the opening set of a tennis match. We can even bet on which tennis player we think will win the next Grand Slam.

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Tennis Betting on a Match

When engaging in tennis betting on an actual match, we are betting that a certain player wins over another. This type of tennis bet is placed by way of the money line. A sample tennis betting money line on an actual match will look similar to the following:

    Venus Williams -2000
    Vera Dushevina +800

This means Venus Williams if favored by a long shot to win this tennis match. In fact, to win $100, one would have to wager $2000 on Venus to win. By comparison, Vera Dushevina pays $800 for every $100 bet in the event she pulls off an upset.

Tennis Betting on the Opening Set

Another way we can bet on tennis is by way of first set betting. With first set betting, we are simply wagering on who we think will win the opening set of a tennis match. As with match betting, the first set betting on tennis matches utilizes the money line method of betting and appears as follows:

    Andy Roddick -1800
    Bjorn Phau +750

As was the case in the tennis match betting, the money line suggests how much is paid out. Roddick is the favorite to win his opening set in this sample line, as he pays out $100 for every $1800 wagered. Bjorn Phau will pay $750 per $100 wagered if he wins the first set.

One thing to consider when thinking about tennis betting is the tennis player’s past performances either on the playing surface or at the particular venue. For the longest time, it was no secret that a player such as Raphael Nadal was virtually unstoppable on clay surfaces but struggled when playing on grass. When planning to dabble in tennis betting, it is important to understand who excels on which venue. Now that you know how to read the tennis betting lines, you can do your homework and place your bets!